Our list of resources is growing continuously as the website continues to develop. The main resources include a library of documents mentioned elsewhere on the website and weblinks related to poverty issues, as well as an archived version of the pre-2012 website.

All the documents available on this website are listed in the library. Documents from the pre-2012 version of this website are also available in the library. One can search through all the documents in the library by entering a keyword or choosing a category.

The weblinks are divided into the following categories:

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The Poverty File
The Poverty File consists of a series of briefing notes that inform readers about poverty and policies addressing poverty. The notes present a condensed and synthesized introduction to current state of the art and have been specifically tailored for SDC, its partners and interested development practitioners. The notes do not aim to address the full scope of what poverty means and how it can be understood, but rather to highlight several specific issues. Read more »

The structure of this archive is based on that of the old version of this website. If you have trouble finding or downloading any document, please contact

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Translation Services

Most of the documents available on this site have been produced in English. In order to make the contents more accessible, selected documents can be translated into French or Spanish.

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