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Counting the Asian Poor... - by Jane Carter
Do revisions in calculations lead to greater understanding? The Key Indicators for Asia and the Paci...

Global Demand for Natural Resources and Local Demands for Justice - Anne-Sophie Gindroz
About business, land and rights… Anne-Sophie Gindroz, September 2014 This editorial aims to refle...

How Concern Understands Extreme Poverty
This paper describes and elaborates on the understanding of extreme poverty that has been reached by...

Making a Better World? - Jane Carter
How being reflexive could make us more effective development practitioners Jane Carter, August 2014...

Included or Excluded? Migration in the Post-2015 Development Agenda
An assessment of the Proposal of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals   Pascal ...

Producing Legitimacy One Tap, Medication or School Book at a Time? - Sarah Byrne and Esther Marthaler
Reflections on the relationship between public service delivery and the legitimation of fragile or c...

Learning about women's empowerment - Jane Carter et al.
This article, published in the journal Gender & Development, examines how donor requirements for dem...

Family Farming & Sustainability - Peter Schmidt
The International Year of Family Farming offers a window to farming families in the South Peter Sc...

New Video Interviews on Beneficiary Assessment of the WARM-P in Ethiopia and Nepal
Want to learn more about beneficiary assessment (BA)? Watch these short videos and hear first hand f...

The Tyranny of Performance - Anne-Sophie Gindroz
Or the luxury of time... Anne-Sophie Gindroz, May 2014 Did you know that 30 percent of the World...

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