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How Concern Understands Extreme Poverty
This paper describes and elaborates on the understanding of extreme poverty that has been reached by...

Making a Better World? - Jane Carter
How being reflexive could make us more effective development practitioners Jane Carter, August 2014...

Included or Excluded? Migration in the Post-2015 Development Agenda
An assessment of the Proposal of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals   Pascal ...

Producing Legitimacy One Tap, Medication or School Book at a Time? - Sarah Byrne and Esther Marthaler
Reflections on the relationship between public service delivery and the legitimation of fragile or c...

Learning about women's empowerment - Jane Carter et al.
This article, published in the journal Gender & Development, examines how donor requirements for dem...

Family Farming & Sustainability - Peter Schmidt
The International Year of Family Farming offers a window to farming families in the South Peter Sc...

New Video Interviews on Beneficiary Assessment of the WARM-P in Ethiopia and Nepal
Want to learn more about beneficiary assessment (BA)? Watch these short videos and hear first hand f...

The Tyranny of Performance - Anne-Sophie Gindroz
Or the luxury of time... Anne-Sophie Gindroz, May 2014 Did you know that 30 percent of the World...

Accounting for Women’s Use of Time - Sarah Byrne
Considerations on the use of a time poverty approach Sarah Byrne, May 2014 One of the most import...

Partnerships with the Private Sector for Development - Anne-Sophie Gindroz
The private sector as a driving force for development: what are we talking about? Anne-Sophie Gindr...

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